Eyelash extensions

Extensions de cils pose classique

Classic pose

Full installation: 90$
Infill: 32$- 40$

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Extensioins de cils pose hybride

Hybrid pose

Full installation: 105$
Infill: 40$- 52$

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Extensions de cils volume russe

Russian volume

Full installation: 115$
refill: 45$ - 57$

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Remplissage de cils chez Adoracils

Eyelash filling

The filling is done for a period of 2 - 3 or 4 weeks and lasts 60 minutes

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Traitement esthétique du rehaussement des cils

Eyelash lift:$ 60

Also known as eyelash perm, eyelash enhancement is a great alternative to extensions. This technique consists of curling and tinting the eyelashes to give a natural and elegant result.t.

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